Born and raised outside Stockholm in Sweden.
Half spanish and have been living in New Zealand as well. If that makes sense?

Love exploring what life has to offer and seeing new things from different point of views. I also love challenges. Living in the moment but appreciating what the past has teached.

Realizing I often find myself stopping for a moment looking at different designs. Or doing handstands.
And sometimes getting annoyed of how bad the kerning is done.

Currently located in Sundsvall where I’m studying Graphic Design and Communication at Mid Sweden University, but still hanging out a lot in Stockholm. Please don't hesitate getting in touch with me. Looking forward hearing from you!


2015 – (2018)
Graphic design and communication
Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall
Art Design
Awatapu College, Palmerston North
New Zealand
The Social Science Programme,
alignment media
Tibble Gymnasium, Täby

Fun facts

Made: 1995
Percentage Swedish: 50
Percentage Spanish: 50
Visited countries: 25
Number of tattoos: 1
Fire alarms in the flat: 2
Oscars awards (so far): 0
Bananas eaten each year: 0
Best before (retirement): 2063

Victoria Soto Runevall


Stockholm / Sundsvall



+46 (0)732 633 599